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What point we have to remember when creating a WEB Optimization Report & what tool we have to use for optimization

Today i will tell you how to create a web optimization report.
Following image is the screen shot of a web optimization report.


Title Optimization-

  • We check title of website. 
  • Check that keyword added in title is good or not
  • If it is not good then we write some suggestion to improve the title
  • We check that title is unique for each page or not

Keyword Optimization-
  • Optimize the keywords of each page.
  • If the keyword is not sutible for page then write a suggestion to change it.

Content Optimization-
  • Content is the king of any website.
  • Check that content is unique or not?
  • Content is rich or not?
  • If content is not enough for page then write a suggestion to add more content on that page
  • Content should not be copy from other website.
  • It should be unique,

Link Optmization-
  • Check the internal linking of every website.
  • Check the external linking of website.
  • Link to your important keyword.
  • If it is not fulfill the above point then make a suggestion to create a link.

Image Optimization-
  • Check that every image has alt text or not.
  • If there is alt text missing then write a suggestion to add it.
Heading tags Optimization-
  • Check that <h1> <h2><h3><h4><h5><h6> tags are used in web page or not?
  • If it is not use then write a suggestion for it.

This is a  all about " how to create report "
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How to make our website search engine friendly?

If we need search traffic on our website then it is very important to optimize our website & make it search engine friendly. If our website is search engine friendly then it easily pick by search engine.

how to make our website search engine friendly?
We have to follow some step to make our website search engine friendly-

Keyword Research and Analysis

This is very important to choose right keyword for our website.There are lots of tool for keyword research. You can use Keyword Planner tool (Google Adwords) for keyword research.
For example if website is related to SEO then you can choose keyword which monthly search is very high.

Sign in to google Adwords account with you gmail username and password

Go to Tools and Analysis and choose Keyword Planner tool.

Important keyword for SEO is
1) SEO Company India - 14,800 avg monthly search
2) SEO India – 14,800 avg monthly search
3) SEO Services India – 9,900 avg monthly search

Important Point to be Remember-
• Always choose Exact match for Keyword.
• Exact match always give a exact result for keyword.

For exact match follow the syntax-

Create a Unique Title
Title is very important for our website. Title tags help to rank our page on search engine.

Title related to SEO.
SEO Company India,SEO Inda, SEO Services India

Important Point to Remember-
• Title should be unique for each page.
• Title should be contain important keyword.
• Title should be contain only 70 character.

Add Description Meta Tags -
Search engine show Description when any one search for particular keyword.So description is very important for web page.



Important Point to Remember-
• Description should be unique for each page.
• Description should be contain those keyword which is used in title.
• Description should be 156 characters.

Add Keyword Meta Tags-
Keywords play very important role to rank our website on search engine. We have to add some important keywords to our html code.


Important Point to Remember-
• Add important keywords related to your web page in keyword meta tag.
• Separate all keyword by comma( , )

Create Robots.txt file and upload-

Robots.txt is a text file which we upload with our website to tell search robots which page you don’t want to visit them.
Structure of robots.txt file is very simple. Syntax is as follow-

If we want to Disallow user to see our /temp directory. Then we have to add following to lines in our robots.txt file-
User-agent: *
Disallow: /temp/

Important Point to Remember-
• Upload Robots.txt file in root directory.

Generate xml Sitemap and upload-
Sitemap is also very important to our website. Site map is a list of web pages of our website which is access by all the users. We can generate site map online very easily. Ther are lots of tool for generating the site map.If you want to generate site map visit the following url- http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

Important Point to Remember-
• Upload sitemap.xml file in your root directory.

Image Optimization
Image Optimization is very important because google or other search engine only read text.
So we have to add alt text with every image of our website.

"SEO Company India"
Search engine recognize with above syntax that this is a “SEO Company India” image.

So this is all about website optimization. I hope that you understand optimization of website.

If you follow the above point it will surely help you to rank on search engine.If you have any query please write a mail

How to setup google Analytics for our website

Hello friends, Its me Shubham and today I want to tell you “how to setup google Analytics for our website”. It is not too difficult task. When I am new in internet marking I am also facing problem of how to setup google Analytics for our website. So I want to share this with you.
But  first of all I want to tell you that what is google Analytics?
Answer : Google Analytics is a google product which help us to find who visit our website, visitor visit our website from which location, Traffic come from , what is landing page ,etc. This is very important to us to find that how visits our website?  

Follow the steps one by one and you can easily find how many visitors visit your web site.

Google Analytics

Click on “sign in” if you are alredy registered on gmail. If you are new then click on “create an account”.

STEP- 2- Enter your gmail username and gmail password. And click on “sign in” button.

STEP-3  Click on  “ Sign up “ button.

STEP-4  New window will open. Scroll down on that page and fill all the information(setting up your account)

STEP 5- After setting up your account click on “Get Tracking ID”.

STEP 6- After that following window will open

Click on “I Accept” button .

STEP 7- After that you will get a script (Tracking code) . Copy that script and paste it on your website pages and upload.
Now enjoy you have done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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